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Located near the Arco della Pace, in the centre of Milan, Gigasound was set up in the spring of 2008 by Michele and Lorenzo.

Their similar working backgrounds made it easy for them to hook up together to offer the discerning public a dynamic and flexible production facility. In the space of just three years Gigasound has opened two other studios and taken on new staff.

It has secured a deserved position for itself among the most successful studios currently operating in the field of TV and radio advertising.

Today Gigasound provides production and post-production audio services for all digital platforms. From TV and cinema to radio and the Web, including sound design and ISDN link ups.

We are sound lovers, in all its forms.

We firmly believe that the choice of a voice makes a difference, always.
That’s why we approach every casting as an exciting new challenge.
A voice should evoke emotions, resonate like a musical instrument.
These beliefs, combined with our relentless search for new talents and the use of cutting-edge audio technologies,
have made Gigasound a reference point in the international advertising localization market.

our works

Michele Benedetti


Michele Benedetti's portrait
Lorenzo Vio


Lorenzo Vio's portrait
Daniele Famà

Sound Engineer

Daniele Famà's portrait
Roberto Natale

Sound Engineer

Roberto Natale's portrait

Roberto Natale

Anna Borroni


Anna Borroni's portrait
Alessandra Lecchi


Alessandra Lecchi's portrait

Alessandra Lecchi

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Via Pietro Moscati, 14
20154 Milano (Italy)
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